Oszillos Mega Scope

Oszillos Mega Scope

Oszillos-Mega-Scope is a BPM-synced oscilloscope with support for multiple inputs. It gives you a visualisation of the waveforms you feed it with. This can be handy in different situations like compressor-fine-tuning, sound design, drum programming, etc. Oszillos-Mega-Scope features a resizeable and intuitive user-interface that lets you just do you work.


  • Supports multiple Channels.
  • Low CPU usage
  • Supports different zoom-levels (1/32th note to 16 bars).
  • Two different visualisation modes (separate waves, combined waves).
  • Gain slider for input-level adjustment.
  • Resizeable Visualization Window.
  • Easy and Elegant User Interface.
  • run on macOS & Windows
  • 32 bit & 64 bit Host support
  • available as VST, AU and AAX (Pro Tools)

Random Moments 3 from VoltageCtrlR on Vimeo.

Los Angeles based musician VoltageCtrlR shows Oszillos Mega Scope in the first seconds of his video. If you're into experimental synth music, check out his other stuff.

Oszillos Mega Scope used for Side-Chain compression


The different draw modes of Oszillos Mega Scope.

seperate waves mode
Oszillos Mega-Scope supports multiple inputs. This enables you to identify problem spots in you mix or composition.

seperate waves mode
The waveforms of those inputs can be be drawn in seperate ways. Either as seperated waveforms or into one colored waveform. This helps you identify the components of you mix.

seperate waves mode
It's ideal when fine tuning the parameters of a side-chain-compressor on the Kick and Bass. Now you can really see what is going on. In this example you can see the Kick-Drum (yellow), the side-chain compressed bass line(green) and the original bassline (blue). The visual feedback of Oszillos Mega Scope really helped to finetune the compressor settings.

seperate waves mode
And even with trditional compression: Oszillos-Mega-Scope can be of big help. You can identify the attack part of the audio-material in question easily and fine-tune the attack setting of the compressor with ease. The visualisation of the tail also help to get the release and threshold setting of you favoured compressor just right.

Change Log

  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.6.79
    • Support for 64 bit hosts
    • two new draw modes (abeat and mbeat) that colorize the waveform based on frequency content.
    • fixed a crash caused by a overflow when the window was made very large
    • New Feature: Make Screenshots to Desktop with a single click
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.3 Beta 5
    • fixed loading and saving of settings on all hosts
    • window width and height is now stored as well
    • fixed a bug with hosts, that do not provide proper BPM-information
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.3 Beta 1 Windows
    • Includes all the changes from the mac version
    • hopefully fixes a Bug when used with Jeskola Buzz
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.3 Beta 2 Mac OS X
    • Fixed a bug that might have caused the cursor to run backwards in some circumstances.
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.3 Beta 1 Mac OS X
    • Added four different draw modes: fast, precise, shaded and deep, some are eye-candy, some are quite usefull
    • Fixed an offsetting problem with large buffer sizes
    • Sample perfect alignment of waveforms synced to the BPM now also works when you have multiple instances in different track or in the same track.
    • Fixed that loud waveform got drawn behind the UI.
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.2 Beta 1 Mac OS X
    • Mac OS X Version!
    • gain is now applied uniform to all waveforms
    • a 0db bar is draw so you know where you're at. (thanks martin)
    • Now the waveforms are aligned sample perfect to each other
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.1 Windows PC
    • Installer
    • small cosmetic changes
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.1 beta 6
    • New UI - Thanks Olli!
    • General UI-improvements
    • Added About Screen
    • Added window resizing (this one was a pain!)
    • Added gain slider
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.1 beta 5
    • You now can choose which channel to process (Left,Right,Mid,Side)
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.1 beta 4
    • Ok, this one had nothing to do with multiple screens, it was a off-by-one bug that cause an mallformed assert to fire (so not really a bug, but paranoia ;o) )
    • changed location of minidump so it works with Vista and Windows 7
  • Oszillos Mega Scope 1.1 beta 3
    • hopefully fixed a bug causing reaper to crash when working with multiple screens.


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