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Only one instance showing in Bitwig Studio

1. The Problem

Oszillos Mega Scope or Spectrum 2 plug-in instances do not find each other in Bitwig.

2. The Explaination

Bitwig Studio implements plug-in isolation. This means that plug-ins are run in separate processes. This is actually a pretty neat technology because when a plug-in crashes your DAW keeps running and you're not loosing any data. Unfortunately this prevents the plug-in instances to find each other.

3. The Solution

Set the "Plug-In hosting mode" to "By plug-in", "By manufacturer", "together" or "Within Bitwig" in Settings / Plug-Ins:

BitWig Studio Plug-In isolation settings.

We recommend using "By plug-in" or "By manufacturer" for a decent amount of isolation.

Note: you must restart Bitwig Studio for the changes to take effect!