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License Management

1. Quick Start

License Activation

  • When you open up the plug-in the first time it will ask for your credentials.
  • Use the same email and password as for the website to authenticate.
  • Afterwards the drop-down boxes below will be populated with your licenses.
  • Select the license you want to activate and then where you want to activate the license.
  • You can activate the license either on a computer or on one of the supported USB devices.
  • You can "Activate" a license or you can "Lock" a license.
  • A locked license can be used offline but can't be transferred to another device.
  • A license that is not locked can be transferred to a different device at a later time.

2. Trial Versions

A trial license will be deposited into your account when you first authenticate with the plug-in if no other license is available. There is no separate download for the full and trial version - it's the same installer.

3. Offline Activation

Offline Activation is only required if you computer does not have internet access at all. Once a license is locked no internet connection is required anymore. So the most convenient way to use your licenses offline is to use online activation and then lock your license. If your machine really is completely offline, these are the steps to activate:

Offline Activation

  1. download and install the plugin on an online computer
  2. log-in and lock your license to AN USB DEVICE
  3. click "Offline" and then "Download"
  4. copy the downloaded installer and the downloaded file onto your offline computer
  5. insert the USB DEVICE from step 2 into your offline computer
  6. run the installer on your offline computer
  7. load the plug-in and drag-n-drop the downloaded license file onto the field in the offline tab

You need to repeat steps 1 to 3 each time you update the software.

4. What happens if I get a new computer ?

For this very reason it's advisable to activate or lock your license to one of the supported USB devices. Your license will then simply continue to function on your new machine. You will also get a secondary license after you lock your primary one. If you've locked all your licenses to computer use the Contact Form and we will sort it out.

5. Second Activation

Once you lock your license you will be granted a secondary license. This secondary license must be locked before it can be used and cannot be used floating.