License Management

BEN/SCHULZ Audio Products use a flexible licensing approach that works without any dongles. A license can be used in three modes:

Trial Mode

When you first install the Software and enter your e-mail and password into the login promt you're automatically granted a 14 day trial period. Unless stated otherwise, there are no restictions in during the trial period other than the 14 days usage limit. It's also worth noting, that there is no separate download for the trial and full version.


After you purchase a license, the time limit is lifted and your license is in floating mode. The software authorizes against the licensing servers at each start of a session. A session remains active as long as you don't restart the plugin host (DAW). If you have used your license on another computer before, you will be asked if you want to transfer the license from the other computer to the current one. You will also receive an e-mail notification about the license transfer. This is so you can act in case your e-mail / password is compromized. Please Contact us imediatly in such an event. Contrary to what was stated in earlier versions, there is no restriction on how aften you can transfer your license from one computer to the next. There's a soft limit after 100 transfers to avoid abuse. Please use the Contact Form if you hit this limit and it will be liftet.


If you don't have permanent internet access you can also lock a license to your computer via the "Lock Permanently" button in the info screen. It is then no longer necessary to contact the license server to use the software. A locked license cannot be transferred to another computer. A Trial License (and all other time limited licenses) can also not be locked.

Info Screen with License Info

Purchased Product